18 year old you and me

There is a boy named Sham, he has passed 12th in Halli and he has not come in relationship even once and he wanted to have a girlfriend with whom he should hang out, watch movies and talk.

One such girl was Shila, she was also a 19-year-old girl with no Sajna, meaning she had never come in a relationship till now, she too had to come. They both lived in the same city but the college was second, both of them had passed 12th, now both of them were thinking of doing commerce.

They both go to the same college to ask for admission and the name of that college is commerce school, so they both go on Mondays together, not separately, they both do not even recognize each other.

Before leaving, those people had downloaded an app on the way so that they could tell the nearby girls and boys who want to get into the relationship, they both get in a line and it is a matter of coincidence that both of them came behind each other. goes

Together they both start the app and search who is nearby and both of them come to know about the location and location of their right side and they both get shy.

But till the end of the line, both of them start talking and when the line ends, they go to the canteen together and talk and get into a relationship.

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