a greedy old woman

There is a story of a house where a million old lady lived, in that house there were 5 people, the old lady, the old lady’s husband and her one child and her daughter-in-law and her grandson.

So one day his son had to pay 10 lakh rupees to go to the above post in a government job and he was a poor family, those people had so much money, otherwise those people almost lost.

But his mother aka the old lady did not, he said an idea to his family in that idea he had to take insurance of his wife, after killing her and take insurance money in her name.

So his boy refused the first plan, later his mother said that hey, if you go to a big position, then you will marry again and will bring a very beautiful wife, after hearing this, his son said yes.

After this, the next day according to the plan, they killed his wife and after a month they took the money of the insurance and after giving the money, the old lady’s beta went to the big position, but after a month as her family got a bad eye.

After a month, the boy’s father got cancer, after a while his mother got a heart attack and she died and after a few days the boy had an accident and he too became dear to God.

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