A spectacle and its effect

There was a village named Jampur, in which there was a house named Shalini, at that place there was a house named Shambhu and he had given many houses on rent, he had two sons to live in, one elder and one younger, which would have happened in every two sons. Is

The elder son was a little read and the younger son can say a bit crazy, he was a different animal made by God, if I tell his story, then words will work, but if you sit with him, you touch him once, he will touch you twice if by mistake. If you put your foot on his foot, then he will set foot twice on you and he was wearing glasses, he could not even see at night.

One day that chasmish and the children living on it, all of them make a plan to roam once, then those people will be about 12 years old, except for the glasses, their age will be about 15 years, those people were going by cycle, that total There were 6 people out of which 3 people knew how to ride a bicycle and 3 people did not.

When they went to roam, those people first saw the river, they went ahead after you and showed them a huge mango orchard, then those people went to it and plucked all the mangoes and were eating them in their pockets. half an hour gone

After that, the glasses started crying because everyone could climb the mango tree, otherwise it took him half an hour to climb the mango tree, he was sitting above the mast and eating mangoes and on top of that the leader of the group also had mango meetings. was eating

In the same way, the owner of the mango orchard threw the quota on those people from a far away and all got scared and all four of them got down from the tree very quickly and started coming out of it, but in this the chasmis was not able to get down from the tree so he sat on top of it. caught man’s leg

And he did not even let him get off, by doing this all four of them became nine or eleven from Beth on the same cycle, both of them were caught and later they all had to pay for their loss by paying money.

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