bad effect of gimmick

Two neighbors would be very upset by their wife’s gimmicks, their wives used to gimmick with them, they used to annoy those people a lot, those wives sometimes used to gimmick about the injury of a lie, or they used to gimmick to enter the ghost’s body, seeing all this, both those husbands were very upset. And made a plan in which they did not think of teaching their wives a lesson.

There was a milkman in the trick of those people who used to come home every morning and those wives did not bother him too, so one night both these husbands and the milkman made a plan, in that plan the milkman would go home in the morning to give milk and he would give her milk. The wife will do some gimmicks and the milkman will do some gimmicks to die.

So according to the plan, the milkman comes home in the morning to give milk, both the wives stay on him, he asks that milkman to stay in the house, he stops when a wife goes inside and comes with a knife and says I I will kill you, seeing all this, that milkman gets really scared and his foot slips and he collides down and becomes unconscious.

Seeing all this, both the husbands come according to the plan order and say what have you done to your wives, you have died. Wives get very scared and both husbands scold their wives a lot and later tell their wives, we come after disposing of this corpse.

They take the milkman outside and say whether the acting milkman has given him a thief and sees that the milkman didn’t wake up, he didn’t really die, both of them get very scared, those people think this is true. When I have died, then both of them abuse each other.

At the same time, he wakes up in unconscious pain and says how was my joke and at the end of the story, the milkman beats those husbands a lot.

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