boy’s wish

There lives a boy named Rahul, he watches a lot of Bollywood romantic movies from the very beginning and trusts those romantic movies and believes him a lot in pyaar too, then he loves a girl, he thinks that girl too. loves.

He loves that girl but is too afraid to say so, seeing this, 10th becomes complete and he is not able to confess his love to that girl, then he thinks that he will confess his love in college but the same big fattu Doesn’t know how to speak.

When he comes in 11, that girl and he goes to another class, which he cannot meet. So when 12 comes then wah girl makes a boyfriend and goes in front of that boy later that boy thinks that he didn’t propose so this second hand thambalia now who thinks I will make girlfriend when I graduate.

But when he goes to graduate, he sees that there are total 60 children here, out of which 50 are boys and 10 are girls, seeing all this, his dream is shattered, a poor girl who has not been proposed by anyone.

She proposes Rahul and Rahul’s luck is so bad when that girl goes to propose him then a boy comes and proposes her and that girl says yes and seeing all this the boy distributes his wish. And pays attention to studies and when he tops in the first year, every girl wants to propose him.

So that’s why pay more attention to studies in girls

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