A girl named Komal used to live in a village, she had a dream since childhood that she was made […]

There was a man named Sajan, he was a resident of Bihar. In Bihar, you either go to politics, or […]

There was a village named Jampur, in which there was a house named Shalini, at that place there was a […]

There is a boy named Sham, he has passed 12th in Halli and he has not come in relationship even […]

A family from Uttar Pradesh left Uttar Pradesh and came to Maharashtra to earn two boys. The younger boy used […]

This is the story of college and love. Here there was a boy and girl named Raj and Simran, they […]

This story is of old birth or not. There was a village named Jiyapar, he had two brothers named Karan […]

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