daughter-in-law’s curse

There is a story that has to be heard but the story is a bit scary. There is no such thing as action, drama and suspense in this story, it is just horror. There was a village named Shantipur.

Here the woman was given a lot of respect and used to believe here that the woman is only to have a child, a very beautiful daughter-in-law came to the house of this village, her family was very happy, after 1 year she had a girl but she gave the family a single If the boy was a girl, then after the second she got pregnant again and again she had a girl.

Again the whole family was very angry and got pregnant again for the third time and for the third time also she had a girl, then the whole village and her family started cursing her a lot and saying a lot of good and bad things, then her family thought of marrying her son again. .

But the girl’s family agreed and said that if I get married again, I will take it to the court. So the boy’s family played a trick, they made a plan to kill their daughter-in-law and one day her husband killed her by mixing poison in milk, the woman gave a curse saying that no boy is born in this house. Will happen.

So his family did not take this curse very seriously and got his son married again and when the second daughter-in-law came, she also had two girls and everyone started cursing that daughter-in-law too.

And when the new daughter-in-law came to know what happened to the old daughter-in-law, she felt very bad and one day the spirit of the old daughter-in-law came in the new daughter-in-law and she killed every family member, except the children and the new daughter-in-law.

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