double dating is full

There was a boy named Raj, he was very popular in his entire college, among the girls, he used to date and leave every girl, he was always in a relationship with many girls and he used to play such a game that all those girls do not know. I knew.

And those who came to know that people did not believe that he was so smart that how could he not understand those people, one day his girlfriend came to know about his double dating, after that he wanted to tell the other but he Didn’t believe it.

Later, with proof, he told the two different girls that the boy was dating together, later these girls had planned to do something bad with it. Meanwhile, he really falls in love with a girl.

And he thinks that I will leave all my double dating and girlfriends and stay in relationship with this, then he tries to impress that girl from the next day and that girl also gets along very easily like other girl.

So he tells her about himself and that girl feels very bad. I really love you and want to leave everything.

The girl also really loves him but he remembers about all those girls and he feels bad and she thinks the next day she will leave him and give him medicine for the same treatment and the next day she is in relationship with him. I break it by saying that I love someone else.

Hearing this, the boy feels very bad and he does not get into a relationship with any girl after that, after 10 years they both do the same work in the same company and they meet and then that girl proposes to him. And Sari had told things and again they both get together.

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