father-in-law and son-in-law

In India, every family aspires to live in their own house, this is such a story of a person named Birju Pandey that he was a resident of Upa.

He had 4 brothers. he didn’t earn anything

So when he reached 25 years of age, the talk of his marriage started going on but at many places his relationship was rejected. When the girl’s parents used to ask beta’s, he used to say that we play cricket and watch pictures.

So later the girl’s father asked whether the son earns money or else he used to say that he does not earn now but a pundit has said that after getting married he is going to be Aamir, so he will earn after getting married, then everyone listening to this would have liked

His relationship but a girl liked his face and he talked to his father to marry that boy, his father called and said son, what do you do, then again he said I watch cricket and pictures from the first line The girl’s father understood that the boy does not do anything.

Later that father asked what can you do to keep my daughter happy, then he said that to keep my daughter happy, I will take your daughter abroad every day with my father-in-law’s money and whatever you want, I will bring your daughter with your money.

After hearing all this, the girl’s father said to his daughter, this is your choice, who can not buy you a chocolate with his money, you want to marry him, you cannot marry him, the girl tells him what is the need to earn when you have so much money

Then the girl’s father says that it is not so, she has to do something, then the girl’s father said that I will marry my daughter to you if you will give me 1 lakh rupees in 10 days.

Then the boy said, look what your happy father is saying, from where can I give 1 lakh rupees in 10 days, which oil wells do I have? And he locks his daughter in a room and throws the boy out of the house

Later the girl’s father comes to his girl and says if he came to you on this day and said 10 lakhs to give you money, then I will not get you married, if it does not happen, then after ten days you will marry him. will get married

So the girl said okay. On the 10th day, the boy quietly comes to the girl’s house at night and says you give 10 lakhs, what will your father know, after hearing that he throws that boy out of the window and out of his life forever. And later marries her father’s rat boy and lives happily.

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