father-in-law is Sharp Minded

A girl who was the daughter of a rich father fell in love with a boy from a poor family and that boy did not love that girl as much, just loved her father’s wealth, so he was after her because that girl was that girl. The father had a returned daughter.

That girl talked to her father, she said that she loves a boy, so her father said, call that boy, I want to meet him, then the girl was very happy and called her boyfriend at home and that boy came to her house the next day. But came

The father said that I want to talk to his daughter with him in private, so that girl left him and then the father started interviewing his daughter’s boyfriend.

Had told the father from the beginning that the boy dies on his money, younger than his girl. So the father asked the first question, why do you love my daughter, then in response to this the boy said that when I saw him for the first time, I fell in love with him.

So the girl’s father asked this answer to impress me, now give the real answer, then the ladke said, I don’t understand what you are saying.

So ladki’s father said, let’s not do gimmicks, tell me how much money I should give so that you will leave my daughter’s chase, at first, the boy thought, but later the father agreed to congratulate the amount of money and all this his daughter is watching from a kaktav camera His father had already told his girl that the boy loves you with your wealth. When that girl saw all this on the camera, she came down and pulled two spoons and put it on the boy’s cheek.

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