first love

This is the story of college and love. Here there was a boy and girl named Raj and Simran, they say a lot of love to each other but no one could speak to each other and in doing so, both of them ended their college.

Both of them kept looking at each other touching but could never speak to each other about their filling. And by doing so, those people got married and they married the girl and boy of their family members.

But even after marriage, both of them used to love and remember for each other even though they got married but they could not forget each other. lived in different cities

Their children are now of the age of marriage, then their mother and father said, now we will find a girl for you, that boy said, I like a girl, you go to her house and talk about the relationship, the father agreed.

And he went to their house to talk to his boy, then he saw that the girl’s mother is the one whom he loves since childhood and he remembered every old thing and he could not live without telling her the fillings of his heart.

And she told that I want you from school days, then that woman also said that I want too but you spoke very afraid and now it is time to marry our children, how should we get married

The boy’s father said that I will not think of all that now, now I just have to marry you and I have to spend the rest of my life by marrying you and his mother also said yes and they married Curly and started spending the rest of their life together.

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