Frogs Crazy Adventure Part 1

Part 1 – Two frogs meet each other on a scary highway

One night it was raining heavily
The frogs were very happy, they thought it was time
There was a little frog for me to come out and roam
was born at the same time
she had never seen rain
wanted to see
how does it rain
But at the same time he was very scared
that nothing should happen to him
At the same time his eyes
girl lying on the frog
he kept looking at her
that girl frog jumping very happily
and she was excited to go out
And at the same time that boy frog went a long way
Then the girl went to the frog of the first rain
to enjoy
Behind him the boy frog also went after him.
That girl frog was jumping happily
She was walking away excitedly without looking at her side
And the frog that was afraid to go out
he was following her
The girl who was a frog was first full of nature
was watching
At the same time the boy sees the frog snake
and very scared
And that snake also sees those frogs
That snake was thinking of eating that girl frog
The boy, the frog, had come to know that the snake was the girl, the frog.
thinking of eating
That boy was very scared of the frog
that snake because he felt that if he
girl escape the frog
If you go, then maybe that snake will eat it too.
He was thinking what to do to save his life
run away or save that girl frog
but it was time to think
how much time was running out
that snake as much as that girl frog
was approaching
That boy frog thought that if he died, then that girl was dead
will save
He quickly went to that girl’s frog
And said a snake was behind us
have us to eat
So that girl frog was not scared in the slightest
boy frog got very worried
The snake is lying behind it and it is happy
So he was thinking for the time that this girl
the frog is not crazy
Later that girl said the frog
as we have come in this life
Like him, he will go away from life
death is certain
or will we die from this snake today or
will die for some reason in the future
but will die
Hearing this, the boy was dumbfounded.
gone a lot
And thought it was right
He understood by saying this girl
Was that this girl is not afraid of frogs
and live your life happily
wishes to
So that boy frog said
This is not the time to give knowledge
have something to do
Because that snake did not come to hear our knowledge
He is coming to eat us
So tell me quickly what the wisdom-giving frog should do
So the girl frog says very happily
she sees a thing let’s go into it
that thing was a car with the door open
That boy frog was very afraid to go inside the thing.
But what should the poor snake do after him?
If he was lying then he was forced inside that car.
have to go
That snake sees that this frog is inside the car.
gone then he turned his way
and went the other way.

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