Frogs Crazy Adventure Part 2

Part 2 – Found a strange snail

Those two frogs hid under the rear car seat
So that boy said frog, in which ship did we hide?
do you know what
So in response that girl said frog
you are very afraid and afraid of everything
you should be happy that
we are something
what we see for the first time
Hearing all this, that boy was in Frog’s mind.
love was growing for that girl frog
And he started loving that girl Frog a lot inside.
those people were sitting inside that car a lot
And after a long time that car owner came
and started driving that car
See that boy Frog got very scared
because his parents lived there
and can’t find them anymore
But he was also a little happy because he
that girl had
Then that girl, the frog, asked her
were you following me
So in response he said no
It was raining when I saw you
And thought to tell you that snake is following you
So hearing this the girl went to the frog and said
thank you thank you
{And in response that boy frog said madam
Dosti Mein No Sorry No Thank You (I’m kidding, nothing like this happened)}
At the same time that car stopped and the owner of the car and
Seeing this, their family members started descending.
Let that girl frog, this chance to get out of here
As soon as both of them opened the car of the car, those people left from there.
Where the car landed, it was a luxurious place, there was a huge man’s house, there was a water fountain in front, there were gardens on the sides.
The frog went quiet inside he’s garden and the girl frog
asked that boy frog how is the atmosphere here
In response to this the boy frog said that the view here is very nice.
We can even live here and think about our future in our mind.
He started thinking that we will settle our world here and we will have very cute children. But the girl frog had something else in mind, she just wanted to roam this world.
Those frogs show a snail over there
Then the girl frog asked that snail be here
So in response to this, Snail was here before you were born.
So the boy frog did not like this answer
So that girl asked that question why do you walk so slowly
So to this answer Snell said
My wife gets annoyed with me for walking fast
Again the boy frog didn’t like the answer
So this time the frog asked a question
Why are you so small, you are here before we were born, so why are you so short, we are only recently but we are taller than you

God has given us life not only to jump but also to walk.

Again the boy Frog didn’t like this answer
But that girl was enjoying listening to Snell’s answer
girl frog said to that snail you answer very well
So in response to this, Snell said that I give very good answer.
But some people don’t like my answer like
your stupid friend
Hearing this, the boy frog became very angry.
and was going to fight him but
The girl frog explained to him and
his anger subsided
Snell liked that girl frog very much and that Snall said
You are very good where are you roaming with this cow

That boy frog said you are insulting me
what have i done to you
So in response to this, Snell said to me those people
It is good to insult those who get angry after being insulted
i’m just joking
Snell said it’s a bad night, let’s look at a good place and make arrangements for the night
they all fell asleep at night

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