Frogs Crazy Adventure Part 3

Part 3 – The Spider’s Web

the frog boy first woke up in the morning and was thinking
dude where am i stuck
He thought I’d get a little side view while these guys were sleeping.
and impress the girl a little
After sometime he went to the place where they were sleeping.
He saw there that the girl frog and the snail were both missing.
He started thinking ahead in great tension, what should I do?
So he was screaming in his frog voice and his arm was blurry
Then his eyes fell on a slightly higher spider, he saw
The spider has completely caught the frog in its web
The boy was going near the net, avoiding the sight of the frog spider.
Just then there is a dragonfly on the leaves and he wants it to go to the spider.
Then the boy frog talks to the dragonfly he has put my friend in the trap
If I don’t go to save him, he’ll eat him
Then the dragonfly tells her, don’t worry, that the spider doesn’t eat anyone in the morning, will eat in the evening.
We have you till evening to save your friend
So on hearing this the frog said that why will you help me?
Then the dragon speaks, just like that his friend got caught in his net.
I didn’t want to eat it after my friend, so I’ll help you with that.
So the frog asks, do you know how he caught my friend, he is very brave, how did he catch him then the dragonfly says
The snake you met yesterday, the same snail told the spider
A frog has fallen asleep here and he kills snails to save his life.
This spider always keeps on giving news of such a side and that spider does not eat it.
It’s not even that poor man’s fault
if he didn’t
that spider will eat it

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