Frogs Crazy Adventure Part 4

Part 4- Plan of the Dragonfly

dragonfly tells frog
Every spider is so much this spider is too big
We need a tough plan to kill it
Then an idea comes to Dragonfly’s mind
He tells the frog that the idea has come to my mind.
Let us bond all the leaves here and make it like a jumper
so you can jump with his help and
That jump should be of such a speed that
spider web break
But there’s a risk that we don’t know what
If you jump from jumper to net with speed, then that taut
will find that trap or not
Frog says I like your plan
Now either I will save my friend or
die with him
anyway my friend said
Everyone has to die if not today then tomorrow
Let’s see what’s in my luck
So both the frog and the dragonfly eat the leaves on the right side.
start binding
And give bonds before evening
think dragonfly speaks to the frog
We can do it with any other plan
The frog says we don’t have much time now
We’ll see whatever happens
When Frog and Dragonfly Leaves Bond
then spider leads them
Even a spider thinks at a time
Might break a frog’s high-speed jump
to his net
But later he feels that maybe he can’t even
So the spider feels at the end that he probably won’t be able to break the web.
Even if you take D, you will catch another victim.
But if not broken, will eat at the behest of the stomach
Frog gets ready to jump
One last time remembering the face of my mom and dad
Jump kills.
his jump is very speedy
He feels complete he will break this trap
But his speed was not so fast that he could break the net.
And now that too goes to Spider
then the girl frog speaks
why did you come here
my life was here
God wrote my life like this
you gave your life for me
then the boy frog speaks
what to do
from you when i first saw you
seemed like an attraction
And when I met you
That attraction turned into love
And behold a timid frog turned into a fearless frog
it’s all because of your love
So the girl frog liked hearing all this
And he also liked that starting
And all this spider keeps listening
and says
I cried after hearing your love story but what to do
you guys have to be my food today
let your love story end inside my stomach
Tell each other what you want to say last time
Now it’s time to eat my food

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