Frogs Crazy Adventure Part 5

Part 5- Final Chapter

Seeing all this, the dragonfly feels
Because it’s all his plan
Then the dragonfly comes up with another plan.
he calls all his dragonfly
And all of them the story of frogs
the second frog is because of my fault
he tells all those dragonfly
that if we all fast spider webs
If I go and stick, we all get stuck in her web.
Will not be able to handle people and will break
so tells all those dragonfly to do
But all dragonfly find the idea redundant
And if your dead seems at risk too
That’s why all the dragonfly refuses to do something like this by saying the idea nonsense.
but 4 little dragonfly like it and
He tells the dragonfly he is with him.
And all the dragonfly thinks to leave them by calling them all stupid
Then those 4 dragonfly speak to the dragonfly by going full speed on its web
will break
But that dragonfly says we will not be able to break his web together with 5
Those four dragonflies talk about themselves
And quickly goes towards the spider’s web and sticks in his burn but nothing happens to his burn.
Seeing all this, he gets into dragonfly and tension.
At first a frog died because of me but
Now even four dragonflies have died because of me
Now seeing all this he wants to kill himself
And that too gets stuck in that spider’s web
So happy to see all this
And thinks today is my feast.
then the spider is going to his burn
all dragonfly keep watching all this
Then a dragonfly does not like it and
He also goes fast and sticks to the spider’s burn
Seeing this, all the dragonflies quickly get stuck in the spider’s web.
And there comes a time where the net weighs so much
Can’t lift and spider’s web breaks
And frogs and spiders all fall to the ground
Frogs get very happy seeing all this
And thanks to all those spiders
Say thank you not to us, tell your friend dragonfly
He told us to do all this
Then the boy frog says very happily
Everyone is lucky to have a friend like you
And saying so, they both leave from that place.
and start living happily

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