girl’s dream

A girl named Komal used to live in a village, she had a dream since childhood that she was made for the city and she wanted to move around the city when she grew up.

So after hearing all this, the girl became very happy and was waiting for her to grow up, after 12 years she turned 22 years old and told her parents, I have agreed to get married, maybe get me done and said my find a guy who lives in the city

So his father started searching for the boy, it took 1 year but he only took the boy mist, later the matter progressed. The boy was an engineer, so his parents asked for a dowry of 10 lakhs from the girl’s father, the girl’s father knew

If the boy wants a city resident, then he will have to pay a lot of dowry, his father sold his land and arranged for 10 lakhs and married his daughter as per her wish with her husband and the girl went to the city with her husband, whatever she dreamed. saw

She started feeling all those dreams come true in the beginning she was having a lot of problem to stay in the city but how did she manage then but she was very happy to come to the city.

After that she remembered her village, then she went to her village without informing her mother and father, she came and saw her mother and father, she did not know while plowing in the fields of others and her father married her on that land. by selling

Now they did not have any land, so they were spending their lives by plowing in the fields of others and seeing all this and knowing everything, they feel very ashamed of themselves and they divorce their husband for their dowry money. She takes it back and starts serving her mother and father for the rest of her life.

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