husband, wife and love

There is a 50-year-old man named Aamir, despite being 50 years old, his personality is like a 25 year old boy and he looks very good too.

He works in an IT company, he has a wife who is a householder and a little illiterate government and he has two children 25 and 23 years old. Aamir has an affair with a girl from his office and she remains a modern girl.

And such a girl lives as Aamir likes, he has married at the behest of his mother and father, so that marriage is against his choice, so he did not like her from the beginning.

He had thought that he will give a divorce to his wife and will marry a modern girl and he gives her a divorce and marries her girlfriend after that he has a lot of trouble.

Every day he starts missing his old wife and he again divorces the new wife and goes to his old wife to get married to the old wife.

But his old wife dissuades him from Moo and later she marries the wife with a friend from college and is very happy.

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