Marathi and Up Love Story

A family from Uttar Pradesh left Uttar Pradesh and came to Maharashtra to earn two boys. The younger boy used to call his elder brother Bhaiya Bhaiya, then a Marathi saw this and said that he himself calls his elder brother Kako Bhaiya Bhaiya.

In Maharashtra, the people of Uttar Pradesh are also called Bhaiya. So from that the younger brother started calling his elder brother by name. When he came at 5, he collided with a girl and their eyes collided with each other and the boy girl fell in love with each other.

But both felt that he does not love me, so both of them never told about themselves. But when he went to 12, finally the boy had a little courage and told his heart and the girl also said yes.

They kept dating each other for 5 years but the problem comes at the time of marriage when they have to tell their mother and father that they love girl and boy of other caste but they say that and both the families are in love with each other. ready to meet

Both the family comes together to talk in the same room, they both say very well on the family Moo but they do not want to have a relationship with each other but for the happiness of their son, they agree and later Family Family is very happy with each other.

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