old birth saga

This story is of old birth or not. There was a village named Jiyapar, he had two brothers named Karan and Arjun and they die and never come again, Karan has a beta Satyam and Arjuna has a beta Shivam.

Both of them lose their father at a very young age, that’s why they wanted to know about their father when they grew up. When he grows up, he goes to a doctor, he is not a doctor, he is only a kind of doctor who takes a person to his old birth.

Both Satyam and Sundaram go to him and do not want to know about their father, but the doctor says that it cannot happen that I cannot tell anything about your father but your father also has some relation with your old life. It is possible

And I can take you back to your last life. And that doctor first takes Satyam in his last life and Satyam sees that in his last life he is a thief and he is born in the last life in the time of 1800s.

He says that I can see Shivam too, he is the policeman of this area. Satyam and Shivam used to fight a lot in the last life, once Shivam had not even shot him in the last life.

One day Satyam goes to a house to steal, he is the only one who has come to Shivam, he comes to know and he secretly goes to the side and he sees her and without saying anything, she is shot straight in the head and he he dies at his mother he comes at

And says this is my beta and you killed him, his mother curses Shivam, he will be able to send like Satyam in the next life and his mother and father will die very soon, seeing this, his eyes are opened and he is in this life. comes in and they get answers to their questions.

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