Pakodi did Bad stomach condition

There was a boy named Santosh, he had recently passed his engineering, he was looking for a job for a long time, he got a call for an interview after a long time and he was told that on this day he was very happy to take his resume and come for the interview. Done

And he started preparing for his interview, his interview was day after day, his mother used to feed him good food every day because if he did not have any problem, then the day of the interview came, his interview was around 4 in the evening.

His mother was very happy that he had made pakoras for her son in the afternoon because he loved pakoras very much and he ate pakoras by pressing and when he was going to give the interview, his mother sent him with curd sugar and sent him to give the interview. came

And made him sit outside because a lot of people had come to give him an interview and when his time came and when he started walking from the interview room, his stomach felt good, he felt nothing like this is happening

But when he was sitting on the chair to give an interview, his stomach was getting very bad and he got number 2 very badly but that poor man can’t even go at this time.

She was asked the first question in the interview, she answered very well, but the goodness of her stomach was being heard even by the interviewer, then the interviewer said that if you are having some problem, then tell me to give the interview. she said no problem

Just had not eaten anything, so the stomach is getting good, after that his interview went on for 10 minutes, after that he could not control his stomach and Pant, did the same and he went on giving the interview in the same way and after 2 minutes his the interview ends

But he cannot get up from the chair now, those people will come to know, that’s why he says that my legs are hurting and he goes deaf while making a fuss about the chair and saves himself from being embarrassed.

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