Police and Thieves

There was a man named Sajan, he was a resident of Bihar. In Bihar, you either go to politics, or even after being a young man in a government job, Bihari does not understand much. I wanted to see

But Saajan was very timid, he was afraid of going to the army but he also wanted to go to some government job, so he decided to go to the police and almost finished all the training and passed.

But in the end, he had to give a bribe of 5 lakhs, so that he would have secured his police job, he had a lot of land, he sold a little land and joined the police. So he thought police job is very easy

He spent 6 months of his beginning very comfortably, after that he was transferred to a village inhabited by 25 people and that theft was a lot, he was a lot of robbers, so he was very timid like this, he went auto to this village but very scared Was

One day dacoits came to that village and stole a lot of sarees and the villagers went to their police station and told everything to the new policeman, then he said take tension, after this there will be no theft.

So he made a plan, he went to the thief’s base and said brother, if I want to be the police, I can arrest you now and take you to the police station, but I will not do this, I only have to tell you guys if you are stealing Do not steal from my village, steal in another village and I want some commission from it, then they agreed to the thief

In return, the thieves said that we should not have any danger from the police, then that policeman said yes there will be no danger, just tell me before stealing any place, I will remove the police from him.

He said that we will steal in Samaspur village tomorrow night, the police said yes, don’t worry, just give me my money, then the deal between the police and the thief was finalized and according to the plan, the thief came to the village the day after and started stealing. About 100 policemen came and arrested all the thieves.

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