superstition overwhelms

There was a mother village named Bandarpur, she used to sleep with all the doors open, she believed that our God takes care of us, so no theft can happen from here and that village has not been stolen even once in the last 30 years.

A thief who robbed a local bank and those thieves were looking for a place to stay, only then he heard the name of that Bandarpur village and he felt that the lottery of those people was going to be held here.

Those thieves were misting a rented house there, those people also needed a place to hide and after staying for a while in that village, everyone was planning to steal it.

He finds a house where he can stay, he asks his landlord why all the people here do not sleep with the door closed, then that landlord says that the total gurus here protect our house.

So the thief says it’s all a gimmick, if nothing happens, then the landlord says it depends on the man, he either believes in all these things or does not believe, I do not believe that there is nothing wrong in this. Goes above the thief’s mind. and says ok.

Then one night, those thieves steal all the precious things from the house and they become nine or eleven from that village, then the eyes of those villagers open and from there every day everyone in that village sleeps with the door closed.

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