The new neighbor did bad condition

There was a village named Gangapur, in that village there were two neighbors who hated each other very much. Both of them considered themselves to be the biggest gentlemen of that village, but in reality they were both the most mean and dirty men of that village.

But they did not even lift their eyes on any other woman, only then a girl named Dolly came to live in that cowl, she became the neighbor of both the gentlemen. Now both of them hated each other very much and always tried to make each other fall in the eyes of their wife and used to hatch different plans against each other.

When a girl named Dolly came to their village, both of them had only one plan that they would get her to have an affair with this girl and make her fall in the eyes of her wife, so the plan went ahead and one of those neighbors was a neighbor Singh ji. And the other neighbor was Gupta J.

So first Gupta ji talked to that girl and said that if you have an affair with your Singh ji, I will give you 10,000, then she agreed and said yes, after Singh ji came, he gave her 20,000 rupees and Dolly gave her Yes, I did to have an affair with Gupta ji.

So the next day Gupta ji came to his house and Dolly sat very close to him and a hidden camera was installed in front which was taking the photo, so Gupta said to live, when will you have an affair with Dolly, hurry up, then Dolly said I will do it. later in the evening of the same day

Singh ji came home, he also talked to Dolly in the evening and Dolly installed a hidden camera and got a photo taken by sitting close to her. The next day Dolly called both of them in the morning and showed them the photo and said, give one lakh rupees in silence, I will show this photo to your beau and the husbands scared of their beau gave 1 lakh rupees to that girl and the next ten Keep up the day

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