two-moment dreams

This story is of a boy who lives in Delhi, he will be around 21 years old, he was his B.Sc graduate, after graduation, he was very worried about his career and job was losing, his childhood dream was to become a cricketer. Or if he had become a hero in Bollywood films, he used to dream every day, he used to dream of becoming a cricketer in his childhood, but now after being 21 years old, he had gone to the society that he would not be able to become a cricketer, so he became a cricketer now. Neka does not see the dream, now he only sees the good dream of becoming a hero in Bollywood

He keeps listening to Bollywood songs and keeps thinking in his mind that if I had remained a hero, I would have done this, everyone would have loved me very much.

He kept dreaming every morning to evening because he was not getting a job and even if he was getting it, he would have been paid a lot of work, so to avoid this tension, he kept dreaming of becoming a hero in Bollywood.

So many such days passed, he did not get any job, in the tension of it, he kept dreaming every day. This boy believed a lot in God, not a single day would have gone where he did not worship Lord Brahma, that after graduation, he worshiped Lord Brahma every day. He dreamed of becoming a hero in Bollywood films from morning to evening and worshiped Lord Brahma from evening to night, he had also made an idol of Lord Brahma himself and he used to worship him.

The surprising thing is that Lord Brahma is worshiped by many people in India and used to worship him a lot.
Lord Brahma was also very pleased to see such a devotee from above and one day he went to him at night where he was worshiping Lord Brahma at that time.

When that boy saw Lord Brahma, he was not surprised at all, he met him as if he meets Lord Brahma every day.
Lord Brahma said to the boy that you do not want to become a hero in Bollywood films, then why do you only dream, try to fulfill it, that boy tells Lord Brahma if I had to try, I do not worship you so much, Lord Brahma understood and said what do you want to ask for a boon.

The boy said that I do not want to become a god, I want to get power like you, then Lord Brahma said that the boy cannot give in such a desire, it is outside my powers but I can give you such a boon that you can become a hero in your Bollywood.

If you can fulfill the dream, then that boy said that I wanted such a boon, I say Lord Brahma, you can make yourself a hero with this boon, you can make changes in the past and future, but remember if some things are changed, then the future I saw the effect of those things and the future can change, if you make some changes in the past, then make changes in your thinking. So he said to Brahma, okay, give me this boon. Lord Brahma gives him the boon to make any change he wants so that he can make some changes in the past and in the present and whatever he wants.

So the boy became very happy after getting this groom and what change he would make in his mind because he had seen so many dreams that he knows what he wants to become. First of all, he erased Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan from the memory of the world. And took the body of Hrithik Roshan himself and put it in everyone’s mind, this body is his. He took Hrithik Roshan’s body because everyone knows that no one can look better than Hrithik Roshan.

Later on, he did not have to become the hero of a picture that everyone had seen, his dream was to become a hero in Bollywood, but his greed kept on increasing and he thought that he would first launch from Hollywood, so the whole world would become his fan. So he did the same, he erased the Avatar movie from everyone’s mind and in August of this year narrated the story of Avatar to the Disney owner and said that he would direct and act this movie, Disney agreed. If he wanted, he would have released the movie directly and most of the data went on but he thought that if he did not do the power here, then he did the same.

He changed the lead actor from the movie Avatar and made himself a lead actor and completed the entire shoot with his power and sold it to Disney.
Disney released the movie and initially the movie did not do well at the box office, so he used his power to make the movie the biggest hit.

And after that he continued to make movies in Hindi language i.e. in Bollywood and by magic, all those movies made him the highest grossing movie.

After Avatar, he made the first Ghajini movie in Hindi by erasing it and later made Taare Zameen Par the highest grossing movies of all three movie worlds. So seeing all this, India Media and World Media Raj was the name of that boy, told him the biggest actor in the world and he was very happy after seeing all this news, later he felt that people should also pay attention to his acting ability.

So by erasing the Dark Knight movie from the mind of the people with his power, he again gave the idea of ​​Dark Knight to the director of that movie i.e. Christopher Nolan and Christopher Nolan made that movie again and played the Joker of that movie. Raj did it and when the movies ended and the public became fans of his acting too, he loved seeing all this.

So after that, it made many Hollywood classic pictures by erasing such as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Jumanji, The Conjuring, Annabelle, and also made many animation movies.

He was happy but when he has such a boon that he can do anything, he now thought of becoming the Prime Minister of India and became the Prime Minister of India by breaking into the next election and using the power of being.

Now he could do whatever he wanted, so now all this started feeling like a dream and his interest started working slowly and he started thinking how good was the earlier life in which everyday Suabha Ithke mother used to give food every morning, could not find a job. So if you look at a picture, then this world started feeling like a dream to him and he thought that by doing everything as before, he should live the first life, then he called Brahma ji with his power and started telling him, I again made this world like the first. If it is new then Lord Brahma said okay

Some sound came and Raj’s gold was broken and he got up, his mother picked him up and said to eat food and Raj was getting a lot of happiness in doing all this, now which he was not getting before and after that he does not see any dream aur does his work every day with great pleasure.

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