wrong view

A boy answers his father to his mother to his immediate neighbor in a very wrong way, then his loving father and the neighbors on his right side say that boy does not speak like this but he does not improve, he talks to everyone in the same way While doing so, that boy falls in love with a girl.

But the boy also knew that because of the way he talks, that girl will not get along with him because that girl comes to her mother’s house to consider her vacation and her mother is very upset with her and does not like that boy’s house. come on.

That girl goes out, then that boy also comes out, follows that girl and kills the dialogues drinking the same ghee, I have seen you in a party, then that girl says Abe Pandu, all these dialogues kill some other girls like me. Not girls.

When he sees that this girl is talking in a language like me, then that boy also talks in his original language, the same chapriwala and that girl also keeps talking to him in the same language.

That girl lives in a very cultured house and talks in a very good language, but her mother had already told her about this boy, so she was talking to him like this.

In the last, that girl talks to him and makes society cry, this boy is very good, only his tongue is dirty, so that girl says in his own style, why don’t you talk in good language, your thinking is so good, your tongue becomes good then your mother Father would be very happy.

So after hearing all this, the boy said that my father married for the second time, that’s why I talk in such a language, my mother got married as soon as she died.

Then that girl explained to him and said that what is the fault of your new mother in this, she is doing her work, you are not even her son, yet you are making food and making you happy, you have got a new mother after your mother’s death Make it happy. Hearing all this, the boy’s eyes opened and since then he started talking in the best way.

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